Patient Testimonials


We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Day 1 of my hearing aids and these Resound hearing aids are the bomb!! I can listen to my music through my iPhone THROUGH them… I can take phone calls through them without having to hold the phone to my ear… ran maps through my phone after leaving the airport, yep, came through my hearing aids…. I can control the volume and settings through an app on my phone, and this fancy little thing I can do now is set my phone to live listening, set it down at the other end of a room or table and hear that conversation… from across the room! It’s AWESOME! Thank you Eve Malcolm and Affordable Hearing Solutions!Christina Rykens

Dr. Eve has been a wonderful provider for my hearing issues. She fitted me with a new hearing aid that i absolutely love. She listened to my complaints about the old one i had and found a great solution. She has also taken great care if my mom and her concerns. I highly recomend to everyone! David Gebraski

I just have to say, that you have a very happy customer. I was very impressed with the quick and effcient way my order was dealt with. I am so delighted with my hearing aids, so thank you again for all of your help. T. Dean, Naperville, Illinois

I have been wearing my hearing aid for a month now and I hardly know its in my ear. I have to check once in a while to know if it is actually there! V. Johnson, Naperville, Illinois

I think of affordable hearing solutions not only as my provider, but as my friend. Your services have been exceptional. M. Knepper, Illinois